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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

There are stalkers and there are STALKERS

Where was I, oh yes, up to my armpits in laundry...

The phone rang.

It was Himself instructing me to call my Brother and give him his estimated time of arrival  (ETA) with the caravan  "Make sure the gates are open so I can just drive in with the 'shed'...." he adds.
So I called Brother David  and while on the phone to him a pair of legs walk past the boat.

Then the same legs walk past again...
The dogs bark.
Legs go past again and their owner sits on adjacent wall.
The dogs bark again.
Anyway, when my phone call ends the phone gives a tweet to announce an incoming text.
Text says
" Yarwood looks splendid in the autumn sun. Dogs are barking at me. Very friendly neighbour. Are you far away?"

And when I open the side door I find that 'the legs' belong to my most favourite stalker, Amanda!
WELCOME!!, Come in in..

It was just lovely to see you and please forgive the bomb site that was Yarwood on laundry day..


  1. It was a joy to catch up with you and have a narrowboat fix. Now I know your movements for the next few month - watch out! Himself is anxious to catch up with you both too.

  2. Excellent! We look forward to seeing you both
    X Lesley


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