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Thursday, 6 September 2012

That's me caught up

We slept all Monday night with the back doors open and woke to this view from our bed in the back cabin...priceless.   By ten we were on our way towards St. Ives where we planned to meet up with Jill and Graham (Nb. Matilda Rose) again.  We were fortunate to see five Kingfishers along the way to St. Ives lock and once through we headed straight for the Goba moorings on Nobles Meadow. Jill and Graham had just moored up so help was at hand to get Yarwood secured and 'planked' again.

 Waking to this view..
Tuesday we went out for a meal at a local Chinese restaurant and caught up with what each other had been up to.  Yesterday  Jill and I went into town for a hair cut and the inevitable shopping (food) before taking the dogs for a walk to the neighbouring village of Houghton.  And while we were out with the dogs, and particularly Floyd, Himself decided to try out Jill's latest toy..the kayak.  This is the kayak that Joe promised to take Floyd out on..
By the time he returned from paddling the 'Amazon' he was too tired to give Floyd a go but promises are promises so next time...

 Paddling off into the sunset

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