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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Places to go, things to do

Having been confined to the boat when we cruise the dogs are eager to get out and about as soon as we have hammered a mooring pin into the bank.  There is a certain amount of nagging going on because I have had the audacity to prepare lunch before going for a route march with this pair.  I don't seem to appreciate that they have places to go and things to be a doing..

And this is just one of the 'things to be a doing' - Fletcher retrieving sticks from the river, again, and again, and again...

The Ouse Valley Way follows the river bank all the way from Huntingdon to St. Neots and it is along this path that we walked yesterday afternoon.  The dogs rummaged and swam and we passed a number of people picking copious amounts of blackberries. I spotted some wild hops growing so I brought a few strands back to make a swag for the galley.

Wild hops

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