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Monday 13 February 2012

BW responds on dog fouling at Tardebigge

Dear Lesley
Thank you for your email, if you can  provide me with the name of the craft that is allowing the dog to foul the towpath then the mooring department can get in touch with the boat owner about this but without this information there is very little that can be done. To process this further it would be useful if we could have  dates and times.

Kind regards

Deborah Craggs
Operations Administrator
British WaterwaysSouth Wales & Severn Waterway

Can you hear the wringing of hands, oh dear, oh dear?

Thinking that there might be a better course of action I helpfully reply....

Dear Deborah
Yes, I can see that dealing with this issue is problematic.  

I didn't actually witness a dog fouling near the water point, nor did I witness said dog climbing off of the adjacent boat to the water point and defecating, the evidence of this practise however was all around my feet
If it was you or I that was moored permanently by the water point and another boater brought their dog to defecate on the piece of grass outside of your/my boat don't you think that the practise would have been halted?   
It is evident that the moorer adjacent to the water point is using the scrap of grass as their own private garden...with all that entails.

So what options might there be to deal with this disgusting situation?
  1. •All moorers ( BW know who they are) could been written to about a problem in the area with dog fouling - the letter doesn't have to accuse, just state the problem.
  2. •The area should/must be cleaned up and an eye kept on it.
  3. •A notice about dog fouling posted with a contact number for anyone witnessing it happening
  4. •A dog poo bin erected possibly?

I fully appreciate that BW haven't the resources to change the behaviour of all the people that use the canals and rivers but this IS clearly solvable, it really is.    BW wringing their hands because I cannot hand you the culprit isn't going to clean up the area where boaters moor for fresh water and sanitation services and leaving this situation unchecked when you have been made aware of it doesn't cut it frankly.
Perhaps the local  Lengthsman's input might help....

Kind regards
Lesley Kimantas


  1. Come on Lesley, get out there with your watch, notebook, camera and a flask of tea. What's the matter with you woman - failing that you could always call round and rip his head off (verbally preferably), that'll stop him - well it would me!!

    1. Jill
      It's a BW battle here and tomorrow's update will be interesting. There is something rather attractive about the head ripping though...I wonder.

  2. Lesley We have the same problems in our village and the only response from theCouncil dog warden is supply a name with photographs and we will prosecute. So set yourself up for a sting type operation on the dog pooper

    1. Dear Anon
      There is episode two due to go out tomorrow but on your local problem, a suggestion if I may; ask the Dog Warden to donate a significant part of his/her salary and then you will shoulder his/her responsibilities and do his/her job for him/her.
      One wonders whose job it is to gather the information to prosecute these anti-social dog owners; if I was the Dog Warden I would sit in my little company van and photograph people myself...local behaviour would change and the vast majority of the community would cheer!!
      Best of luck!


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