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Monday 27 February 2012

Into Brum

Lazy start;  after 8 months of non-cruising we seem to have got this indolent habit off to a fine state, no rush to do anything so despite getting out of the sack at seven we didn't pull pins until eleven. 
Does it matter?
Nah of course not.
 (This will be music to the ears of Graham and Jill of Nb. Matilda Rose, our normal usual travelling companions who have got the travelling chill-pill way ahead of us.) 

Off we goes and with the Wast Hill Tunnel of just around the corner from our mooring I stayed aboard hoovering and stuffing bedding into the washing machine.  This was the first time we have used the washing machine and tumble dryer on the generator.  We watered at Kings Norton where I got off with the dogs and walked them into Birmingham.

 Here she comes..
There she goes..
 The Rail Station at Bourneville in the Cadbury colours

 Passing through Worcester Bar

Moored up - where we were for eight weeks last winter in our previous boat Caxton

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