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Saturday 18 February 2012

Wally Dugs, that would be Glaswegian for...

Wally dugs, Glaswegian (Joe's original home) for Staffordshire Dogs like these below.   I returned to Yarwood yesterday afternoon bearing gifts from Mater for Yarwood's saloon.   A couple of small Staffordshire dogs.  There Victorian mantleplace ornaments that graced millions of homes from the Victorian era right up into the last century and they are now gracing my home...

And,  a little ornament that used to reside on my much loved Nan's dressing table.   If I recall clearly there used to be two of these little chaps/girls but sadly only one has survived.

Does anyone know anything about him/her?


  1. Must be a boater. Able to have a full wash in a bowl of water!


  2. Hi Kath
    Yes, let's hear it for the strip wash!


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