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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Yarwood, meet Hopwood

We left our mooring at Alvechurch this morning, exactly one month after Yarwood's launch.  We have had a rather extended stay, partly to facilitate our move from Caxton  to Yarwood and partly to use the time with a car to visit family, but largely because of ICE.

  Moored as close as we could get to the wood supply

Still we are away now and the first port of call was the south side of Shortwood Tunnel where a nice man had left us a supply of wood.   Getting Yarwood moored up to pick up wood resulted in our usual 'mooring quarrel', so things haven't changed in the last eight months, but that behind, us we loaded with a supply of timber and set off  south again to wind (turn) the boat.   I then took the helm until we got back to Shortwood Tunnel where I promptly chickened-out and handed over to Himself, getting off at the next bridge hole with the dogs, I then walked to Hopwood where we have planned to stay for a couple of days.
The stay hereabouts gives us the opportunity to adjust the trim of the boat - more ballast to be removed - chop the wood, wash the boat and try out the bloody great cocooned genny in the hold.     


  1. When will you be making a triumphal entry into Birmingham?

  2. Hi Guys
    Re the genny, I presume it has a raw water pump as in it sucks water out of the canal to cool the heat exchanger on the genny. I wonder how the impeller copes with the crap in the canal, Im guessing it has a good filtration system. Let me know what make of genny and if possible part number of the impeller and I will bring over some very well priced impellers!
    Russ has spent the last couple of nights on Caxton and is loving it, especially the fire!

    1. Hi Paul
      The genny is skin cooled the same as the main engine so no muddy canal water in here. Thanks for the offer of WELL priced parts but we are fine - Sod's Law says that as soon as you land in the UK something will be needed and we have missed the boat/plane/spare but hey ho. Delighted that Caxton has had company and that Russ is feeling comfortable, warm and clean aboard HIS boat!
      Who knows, we might even meet you on the Grand Union before we slip off down the Northampton Arm to the R. Nene....depends on when you are going to get aboard I guess.
      Take care and have a safe flight

    2. Hi Andy
      We will probably go into Brum on Friday or Saturday depending on the weather. I understand the BIrmingham City Council are having trouble keeping our Red Carpet afloat!!!
      X Lesley

  3. Mooring quarrel - Know it soooo well :-)


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