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Friday 3 February 2012

Dear BW, Dear, Dear, BW please act

Oh no, complaining again...here she goes
Dear BW
I called in to the services at Tardebigge on Wednesday last and as I started to moor up a fellow boater warned me to "Mind where you step because of the dog excrement (her word was 'shit')". I was already aware of the potential state of the area adjacent to the water point from my two visits to these services last summer.    So, over six months later, what do I find?     Dog feces liberally scattered about the services mooring and the small piece of grass by the water point.     The condition of the service point is disgusting, quite foul.     I am NOT anti-dog, I have two Labrador's.
This is not towpath side, this is not local lazy dog walkers or passing boaters. The condition of the area around the services is attributable to a locally, very locally, moored boat that allows his/her dog to foul the area with no regard to users of the services point.
Please do something about this!
BW are the 'landlords' and the moorer's here abouts are your 'tenants' so BW is in strongest position to influence behaviour and keep the service point in an acceptable and hygienic condition.
kind regards
Lesley Kimantas


  1. Well said Lesley. I will be interested to hear what BW say. I am sick to death of all the dog poop. Along the towpath here in Market Harborough, it is dreadful where the water taps are.

    1. Hi Jo
      I will publish the BW response if and when it arrives. I've been here before having punch-ups with local government in Loughborough, all to no avail, but it's makes me feel that I am not just whinging in the wind..


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