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Saturday 25 February 2012

The story of a lovely day

The Sun put his hat on yesterday, what a grand day it turned out to be!    I headed off across the fields here at Hopwood leaving Joe doing...things.  The boys and I walked down to the bridge you see in the photo below where we climbed/jumped the style there and set off on our meanderings.  The dogs went on leads as we walked through field after field of ewes and their new born lambs.

On entering a field set to a cereal crop I loosed the boys and crossed the field looking for a style or post or gate to indicate the route of the public footpath - Farmer-boy had not reinstated the path after sowing his crop - we came across the notice below in the centre of the crop

Looking up the field you can see the grass runway running through the crop.  Later during the day we saw the aircraft take off and land.
Shotgun cartridge
Shotgun victim - a recently killed fox slung over the sheep fencing.   My initial reaction was that this was a pointless death but then thinking about it, perhaps the lambs are at risk from Mr Fox ...? Do foxes take lambs? 
We walked a couple of miles of country lanes, only saw two cars

Back at Yarwood, Joe wires up the satellite dish and receiver things...

I climb on the roof and polish brass

Fletcher watches me work

and then both Floyd and Fletcher take themselves off to bed - it's a hard life


  1. They do Ditchcrawler ....but not in the lamb's favour perhaps..

  2. Lesley. Overall, lamb losses to foxes are very low, they will go if desperate go for sick lambs. Lambing indoors greatly reduces lamb losses, but like with anything life nothing is 100%. Official figures show foxes take less than 1 per cent.


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