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Monday 27 February 2012

Saturday Night viewing..

Joe recorded last week's episode of Question Time (QT) hosted by David Dimbleby.   As Saturday night viewing offers on the box didn't appeal to either of us we opted to watch QT. 
The usual mix of politicians and journo's with a historian thrown in this time to give balance, audience questions covering the Greek financial /Euro crisis, Syria, do we or don't we intervene, work experience for the young unemployed and the latest Banker bonus's.

If you put two politicians from difference persuasions in front of a camera they usually try to score points off of each other, fail to answer the question and generally irritate the socks off of me and this week was no exception.  The balance in the program is the other panel members, real people with real experience outside of the Westminster playschool.

The conclusions  that I drew from the debate was that Greece is very close to revolution having been set up to fail and with its people facing a type of post Versailles Treaty like the Germans after WW1. Syrian 'freedon fighters' were not going to see European assistance on the ground but look out for the Russians reining in Assad in the near future.
Work experience for the young unemployed was an excellent idea and it was VOLUNTARY.  The rates for people getting a job after taking part were statistically very high and therefore a success and it beats sitting at home alone and demoralised playing on your XBox.
And on Bankers bonuses....
They are every ones whipping boys still....
Someone has to be I suppose.

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