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Sunday 12 February 2012

Visitor gone but the ICE is still here

Visitor gone but the Ice is still here...

Last week we were joined aboard Yarwood by our long term friend, Valerie Ann.  Val is recovering from a shoulder replacement operation and joined us for a few days non-cruise, given the ice, before she returns to work next week.   Now Val is not  one of your hardy souls and despite the stove running full blast and the central heating going for large sections of the day she felt a tad chilly - I on the other hand was gently broiled!!

 Valerie Ann,  and glass of vino of course...

 We have stayed iced in with sharp drops in temperature overnight.  The frozen water pipes of last week have not returned however so Joe's insulation measures have obviously worked well.

 A couple of sheets of Kingspan have been purchased and cut and fitted to the hold hatch cutting down heat loss and reducing any potential 'drumming' caused by the genny when we use it.

And today I drove over to Brierley Hill  to Dave Moore's home to pick up our newly painted water can.


  1. Love the water can. A work of art.

    1. Hi Amanda
      It certainly is! Dave Moore is very good at his craft and the water can is a lovely embellishment for Yarwood.


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