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Tuesday 7 February 2012

Of Lace and Ribbons etc.

Heady with my success at fixing our saloon fire yesterday, and with Joe away in Lincolnshire, I went rummaging in his tool store and found a hammer!  Equipped with this crude but effective tool I set about decorating the back cabin. 
I had bought some crochet-lace from Evelyn of Lockside Antiques and set about fixing this in the traditional manner to soften the cabin a little.

Having adorned the back cabin with crochet work I then set my attention to starting to get the ribbon plates up around the stove.  I had more plates to add but Fletcher and Floyd were becoming impatient with my decorating and rather insistent about going out for their walk, so a task to be continued...


  1. It is beginning to take shape nicely. I have the same lace on my winter curtains.
    Stay safe and warm xx

  2. Coming on a treat,
    but of course the pups have to come first,
    good on you !!


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