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Wednesday, 15 August 2012


We slipped into Ely on Monday morning and managed to find a mooring beside the Jubilee Park.

Shortly before 1pm I was at the rail station with Fletcher and Floyd to meet Jack, my 15 year old nephew, who had travelled up from Essex to join Joe and I for a few days.   As soon as we had dumped Jack's rucksack back at the boat we toddled off into Ely to find us some lunch.  Dinner, the day is punctuated by meal times when you have a fifteen year old with 'hollow legs' staying, was a substantial takeaway Chinese affair...

Jack, techno whizz. Joe and Jack comparing IPad games

Jack, helmsman.

 Tuesday with the weather looking fair we set off for a cruise along the R.Cam.  As soon as Joe had got Yarwood out of Ely we had Jack on the helm for a while with we confined to galley duties producing the bacon rolls and cups of tea.

Jack, lock boy.  Getting grips with Bottisham lock

We decided to moor up at the GOBA moorings at Waterbeach and continue into Cambridge in the morning. 
 Jack, ball thrower.  Keeping the dogs amused

After a night here at Waterbeach we revisited the plans and decided to stay here on this rural mooring but take the train into Cambridge instead of the boat.

Jack, retail therapy adviser.   Jack and Joe off to catch the train into Cambridge for some shopping ( B&Q for Joe and Fat Face, Joules and shoe shops for Jack...)


  1. Just heard that Denver Lock is closed for dredging from today until 28th August if you know anyone who is travelling and hoping to cross. Carol Nb Sunrise

  2. Thanks Carol. I don't know anyone heading back yet but I will bear that in mind.


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