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Saturday, 29 June 2013


This morning I tramped into the village of Kirtlington, some 45 minutes walk away from Yarwood's mooring.  I have been into the village a number of times since Tuesday when we arrived here, initially to check the possibility of getting our mail forwarded to the Post Office, then to collect the mail and this morning the errand was to get fresh bread, milk and a Saturday Times. The village is substantial, attractive and apparently thriving.  There is enough new development to keep a primary school populated, a public house and a hotel in business and the condition of St. Mary's church in the centre of the village is in  better condition than most churches I have seen of late.  There is a single shop which is grocer, news agent, tea shop  and post office combined and is well stocked and busy.
I am thinking of leaving Joe and the dogs here next week while I go off to Essex to see my Mother..they will be able to get all they need from Kirtlington and our current mooring is just so lovely  they will be very content if I do go away.

 St. Mary's

 Not the best picture I am afraid but there is a section of medieval wall painting conserved inside the church

 Stunning tiled floors in the sanctuary

 The substantial vicarage, or former vicarage...indicative of the former standing and financial position of the

Village store
 The old bakehouse
 Limestone cottages/houses on the village green

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  1. That is a rotary engined Norton motorcycle outside of that shop...very rare!
    Paul x


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