Friday, 14 June 2013

Nine and a half miles

Today I took off with the dogs and completed a nine and a half mile circular walk which took me three and a half hours.  The dogs are knackered and snoozing as I type but I am feeling pretty good, especially as today is a fast day for Joe and I and by 4 o'clock we had each only eaten an apple.

When I got back from our walk I found Nb. No Problem moored up behind Yarwood.  I suspect that Sue and I will get some more trekking done tomorrow ahead of a convivial lunchtime visit to an Inn; the pub visit would be Vic's idea so we are just indulging him of course....right.

 Part of the Thames path

 Abingdon Bridge
 Meadows full of flowers but not many butterflies

 My favourite

 Quintessentially English...
 Young bully beefs saying hello
???   COMFREY -
 thank you Kath and Karen for the info


  1. Hi Guys, we are semi fasting 2 days a week as in no booze and a limit of 500 cals each for the day. I thought that was good, but just an apple!

    1. Yep that is the same diet. We have been doing it for seven months now and it has become just a way of life. We have found that skipping breakfast worked for us and keeping busy is a great distraction. Don't worry though, the apple sufficed for a late lunch but we have just eaten, roast peppers, courgettes and vine tomatoes with a mixed leaf salad and feta cheese. So no real hardship.
      Roll on tomorrow though when lunch will be in the Pub...come to think of it, just like yesterday's lunch then!
      X Lesley
      Tomorrow we are back up the pub

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I will amend the post Kath

  3. Hi Jill - details of your diet - s’il vous plait - that’s French for please!!!!

  4. Hi Lesley - getting my knickers in a twist with my very bad French and managed to call you Jill ! Sorry!

    1. Hi Carol
      We have been following the Fast Diet or the 5:2. Dead simple. You choose two days out of any week and restrict your calories to 500 for a woman and 600 for a man on those days. The days must not be consecutive. The rest of the time you live normally. We have been doing it now for 28 weeks and have lost almost four stone between us. We find it easy to do and easy to stick to. We will adjust our fast days to suit what we are doing though most of the time Mon and Fri are the fast days and when on hols with friends recently we skipped fasting altogether as it is a bit anti-social when out and about with others (unless they are also doing it).
      We found after a couple of weeks that skipping breakfast and keeping busy was the key for us but you do what ever suits you. There is a mile of articles written to explain the health benefits of fasting but the one that most of us home in on is weight loss.
      Best of luck if you are going to give it a whirl.


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