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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

And the beat goes on..

Build day 114
Today's activities have included Stuart visiting a local stone merchant and gathering a selection of stone samples for Yarwood's hearth - this afternoon I got to choose said material ..
Also met Chris, the upholsterer, this afternoon.  Tomorrow I make the final selection for the back cabin seating material and deliver the curtain fabric.

 Here is the template for the hearth

 and here is the minuscule chosen sample..
John fitting cupboard door  stays

Peter has also  been  busy, fitting the lighting through the boat and I suspect that that will be finished tomorrow with the Tiffany style wall lights being the finale..  We have gone the 'more is better' route re lighting and the galley has a good supply of  'task lighting' - there will be no doubts when I have managed to chop the finger rather than the onion!! 
Have router will rout.. 
Richard getting stuck in to the side hatch trims

The central heating has been up and  running on Yarwood throughout the day - as a necessary test and also for comfort for the workers.  Joe went off to get the bullseye glasses sandblasted to prevent the risk of fire and I have been tackling the insurance industry to get Yarwood covered.


  1. Everything made sense to me until this:

    "Joe went off to get the bullseye glasses sandblasted to prevent the risk of fire"

    What is this about?

    s/v Eolian

  2. Sorry Bob
    I should have explained in the post. The 'bullseyes' are glass 'skylights', for want of a better word. They are about 6 inches in diameter, convex on one side and flat on t'other and they are set into the cabin top to let in light. In the past there has been occasions where the sunlight has been concentrated (prism effect?)and caused a fire inside a boat. To avoid the possibility of that happening we have had the flat side of the glass sandblasted - the light is still coming in but it can't concentrate.


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