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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Bit by bit..

Build day 121

On our visit to Yarwood this afternoon my first stop was just around the corner at the Lambon Boats to have look at the progress on their latest creation - a stylish houseboat for the Regents canal.  When I wandered into the workshop the owner of the houseboat was there; by coincidence we had spoken in the Summer when he was thinking of using Lambon to build his new home.
 When you disabuse yourself of the thought that this is a BOAT - it  isn't, it's a floating flat then it is rather  good with lots of potential . No need to socialise on a narrow towpath, you have your own roof terrace...
Those travelling through London in the next year will be passing this Lambon houseboat moored on the Regents Canal, give it a wave...

Back to Yarwood.

 The stern door panels have been fitted.

 The chimney for the Faversham stove arrived this morning and  Joe will be painting  this galvonised beastie a nice shade of black next week.

 The JD3 exhaust is wrapped

 Stuart has masked and undercoated the bow flair

And this stunning sunset was what greeted us when we emerged from the workshop


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