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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Last knockings..boaty term?

Build day 126
Joe was delivered to Barnowl this morning gripping his overalls - but forgetting his sandwich (it's an age thing) - in readiness for another day of blacking Yarwood.   I have loaded the car with stuff from Caxton and spent the day running back and forth emptying Caxton of our kit and finding homes for said kit aboard Yarwood.  These journey's were punctuated by walking dogs, doing laundry and emptying cassettes etc.  God I know how to enjoy myself!!!

 Stuart had set about the new buttons and tipcats with a 14lb sledge hammer but we still have a bit of a 'sem' but time and age will deal with that... so I believe.

 Another coat of red paint on the bow flair...getting there

 Bungs and cushions in place... and a certain patriotic accent perhaps

I might just add a little more patriotic decor, another cushion perhaps..

 Meanwhile, Stuart has been spraying our stainless steel chimney's of choice with etching primer in readiness for a coat of black paint

And the first coat of black..


  1. Yarwood looks fantastic Lesley. Good luck with the launch. I can't wait to hear about life aboard as it unfolds.


  2. Looking fabulous. Now is the time to start psyching yourself up for that first hull scratch when you take her out! Once that's over you can relax and enjoy it.


  3. Hi Joe, Lesley, will you be videoing the launch and posting it on your blog? Hope you are, we're nearly as excited as you at tomorrow's big event! Have a great day!

  4. Hi Paula
    Thank you so much, we are very pleased with how Yarwood has shaped up as well. As for life on board, that is only days away now...

  5. Hi Neil
    You are so right...after the first couple of scratches on a freshly blacked boat you kind of give in to the inevitable don't you?
    We are really looking forward to seeing Yarwood in the water, in her real environment so to speak.

  6. HI Carol
    I have never used the video on the camera I will have to investigate...don't hold your breath though

  7. Yardwood is looking fantastic and we cannot wait to see her on the water.
    Where did you get your Union Jack cushion??

  8. Nor can we Jo, nor can we...
    The cushion came from a shop in Kidderminster called the Range but Dunelm Mills do them as well. It must be the Jubilee and the olympics because the Union Jack is on everything at the moment!!

  9. Many thanks for that Lesley.xx


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