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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Paint and Bed Knobs

Build day 124

It's the last minute bits and pieces that were being progressed today, another coat of paint here and another coat of oil for the worktops in the galley and some sealer where the cushion floor meets the galley units.  
Stuart got me to stand on the steerer's step and measured me against the tiller, cutting another inch off it's length so that it felt comfortable.  Joe has brought back a couple of cans of blacking to get them warm enough so he get another coat on Yarwood tomorrow.   The workshop is bitterly coat and the blacking is far too cold to apply with roller or brush, a trowel might work but who wants a stuccoed boat?

 The engine room floor with its new coat of raddle

The traditional bed knobs have been fixed in place

This morning I drove up to Kinver to see Wilson's to get a cover made for Yarwood's tunnel lamp and  they will deliver the cover next Tuesday when they deliver our new chairs. 
Tomorrow Dave Moore returns to complete the back cabin decoration and bring back Yarwood's newly painted pigeon box for fitting and that about completes the build, next step, the launch. 


  1. Wow, Yarwood is looking better in every photo. Can I ask what is the historical significance of the bedknobs?
    Good luck for launch day :)

  2. Hi Kevin
    thank you, I am inclined to agree, she just gets better and better.
    As for the bedknobs some say that they were brought on to the boats when the women had to give up living on the bank and move into the boats with the family. It was a few bits and pieces from their former life in cottages/houses. The bright brass of readily available bed knobs - everybody had them - also served to reflect light in the back cabin. I suspect the origins are lost in time but the tradition remains and I have honoured it.


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