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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Going for Gold

I have in my greasy little hand a yellow official receipt for £1179 in payment for Yarwood's first licence, a gold licence no less.  We are off to the Fens again for the summer along with at least three other bloggers to my knowledge, NB's Matilda Rose, Seyella and RocknRoll

However, the changes afoot as proposed by the Fat Controllers of the River Cam might throw a spanner in the works.... apparently the reciprocal agreement between the Environment Agency and the Cam Conservators, which would have permitted all of us Gold Licence holders to cruise the Cam, is about to be torn up.  Now if I understand the ruling we will have to pay a further 15% of the EA licence, approximately £120 for passage on the Cam. 


  1. Blumin 'eck chuck - I'd missed that one

  2. Give us a shout when you are going through the Middle Level and we may tag along for a bit.
    We are planning to do Cambridge before April.
    It will be interseting to see where you have to buy the Cam licence from.
    Brian on Harnser

  3. Hi Roger
    Windsong as well, brilliant news!!

  4. Hi Jill
    Yes, £122 extra, it makes for painful reading. I just wondered if the Cam FC'er was going to do anything about improving the visitor moorings?

  5. Hi Brian
    Will do. As for the licence...I saw nothing in the paper about where they planned for vistors to buy licences. It is a ridiculous state of affairs!


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