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Friday, 20 January 2012


Build day 126 - THE LAST BUILD DAY!!!!
Yes, this is the last day of Yarwood's build and this morning she was evicted from the workshop - there wasn't too much ceremony either!

Steve Lambon (of Lambon Boats) turned up to tow Yarwood out of the 'shed'.

 Now you know what Yarwood will look like when she is headed towards you..
The afternoon was spent by Joe and I anyway, loading more kit aboard, while Stuart was taping doors in readiness for transportation and dealing with last minute bits and pieces

 The table cupboard in the saloon - I had just fitted the stools into the cupboard.

and Wilsons of Kinver turned up this morning with the new chairs

Launch day tomorrow!!!


  1. Looks fantastic, I presume the bow stays uncovered? Good luck for Saturday :-)

  2. WOW, in daylight that is even more amazing!
    More pics please before you get her bottom wet!

  3. good luck tomorrow!! Hope all goes well and its not to windy when she's in the slings. Hope to catch up sometime, this year we have no plans as to cruising but will follow the blog.

    Jean and Paul


  4. Hi Paul and Elaine
    Yes the bow stays uncovered but that will be more understandable when Yarwood is in the water and I can get some photo's from the right perspefctive. Thanks for the good wishes, it is blowing a gale this morning as I type this so the launch but be a bit scary...

  5. Hi Kevin
    I will be taking plenty of shots today so there will be more to feast your eyes upon tonight!

  6. The Enchanters!
    Good to hear from you in blogland. It is very windy this morning, not sure if it might delay the launch yet...I hope not we just want to get on the move again now. Keep following and stay in touch please.
    X Lesley

  7. All the very best for the launch this morning, if I had found the right car to buy we would have been there this morning to enjoy the launch with you. Have a great day.

  8. Have a great day and get plenty of pics, If everything had gone to plan we would have been there to help you celebrate, but couldn't find the right car in time.
    All our best wishes, we will have plenty of opprtunities to celebrate.
    Next one is February 4th.

  9. She looks great, many congrats. Can you please explain to a sailing yacht owner (I know nothing about narrow boats) why you would choose to have a long open deck at the bow? Presumably when cruising you stick your deck chairs on the towpath to sit out and enjoy the sunshine? So why do you need a large open deck space, surely this makes the accommodation so much smaller?

    Best regards, Robert Horsford, SY Crazy Diamond, Plymouth


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