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Friday, 6 January 2012

We have lift off...sort off

We have booked the date/crane for Yarwood's launch.  Saturday 21st January at Alvechurch marina - just two weeks away now!


  1. Congratulations Joe and Lesley, it all seems to have happened so quickly! Yarwood is looking amazing, you must be thrilled... Good Luck on the 21st, hoping all goes well. We shall read with interest, enjoying all the pictures. Doug and James

  2. Hi Doug and James AND OSCAR
    Thank you Gentlemen!!

  3. Keep it up........
    want to see lots more pics
    good luck with the launch.
    She looks gorgeous so far.

  4. Wow Lesley. This build has been super fast! Can't wait to see the finished boat. It is all coming together so beautifully.

  5. Hi Anon?
    Thank you, the pics will keep a coming!

  6. Hi Amanda
    Our experience with Stuart Harper of Barnowl narrowboats is that he gets his boats built to schedule. He said end of Jan and he will get her completed by the end of Jan and be ready for his next commission to start.
    Lots of ideas for your future plans???
    X Lesley


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