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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Just a little bit closer

Build day 118-119
Each day that passes brings us just a little bit closer to completion, with now only a couple of weeks to go before launch day!

 The mirror has been cut and ground and fitted to the table cupboard door.

 Mirror; it's fixed in place with a bit of masking tape until the adhesive cures
 The Faversham stove now with STOVE PIPE

 The marble hearth stone has arrived and the saloon stove has been placed

 Stuart is applying the first of several coats of yacht varnish to the wood grained borders

See how the graining is lifted by the varnish


  1. Can I have 1st option to buy Yarwood in 3 years time?

  2. Of course Paul, but I hope we are not even thinking of parting with her before ten years are up..or more
    X Lesley

  3. She is looking very very nice, cant wait for the rendezvous one day.


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