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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

We have no pulse

Joe is currently in the hold fixing an accumulator to Yarwood's water system.    We had a pressure vessel like this aboard Caxton but putting one on Yarwood escaped our notice so this is the first retro-fit item.  It makes such a difference as it evens out the water flow, eradicating any pulsing caused by the water pump.
Product Description
SHURflo’s Pre-Pressurized Accumulator Tank smoothes water tap pulsations and reduces pump cycling to keep water line pressure up and pump motors cool.  The SHURflo® accumulator tank reduces plumbing system noise, increases the life of your pump and saves battery power.


  1. For future reference, you can substitute one of these for hugely increased capacity and substantially decreased cost. If they are available in the UK, that is...

    s/v Eolian

  2. I think they are Bob - we had something similar on Caxton. mind you, 2 gallons is a tad large!

    1. Ah yes it is large. But it makes the water system on the boat act like that in a house with a well. The pump does not run each time a faucet is opened - only when the pressure has fallen enough to trip the pressure switch.


  3. Lesley, If I can offer a word (or 2!!) of advice, fit the largest capacity accumulator you can get in the available space, 8ltrs is ideal, fills the kettle without the pump coming on. Be careful to get one that is ok for potable water, there are some around that are intended for central heating/hot water systems and have different diagphrams. If no instructions to the contrary set pressure at half the pumps cut out pressure as a starting point.

    Hope this helps



    PS I take it your water pump is ok with an acc.? Some specifically prohibit accs.


  4. Hi Paul
    The miniscule accumulator has done the trick and stopped the pulsing but should this fail we will definitely change to a more man-size piece of kit as you and Bob of Seattle have recommended.
    great to hear from you

  5. Still undecided about this type of front deck looks like a waste of space but each to their own

  6. Hi Anon
    I have posted your comment and my answer, see 3rd Feb.


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