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Friday, 27 January 2012

Two Snake Venom's and ...

Yesterday evening having completed the final bits and pieces associated with handing over Caxton we went for a celebration pint at the local pub, The Weighbridge.   And what a little gem this pub is!  Camra (Campaign for Real Ale) rated and winners of  local Camra Pub of The Year for 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.   Added to the range and quality of the beer is the quality and variety of the home  cooked meals; including a super selection for the vegetarian!  The pub was once a private house, Scarfield House associated with Scarfield Wharf, a former coal wharf and now the home of the Alvechurch Boat Company (ABC). 

We passed this way a couple of times last year aboard Caxton and didn't discover The Weighbridge as it is tucked behind the ABC buildings and not clearly visible from the canal even though it is only a hop, skip and jump from the cut.
If you are travelling on the Birmingham and Worcester canal any time in the future and you enjoy good beer and excellent food do yourself a favour and moor up and give The Weighbridge a try!

We drank a toast to Caxton and to her new owners, Paul and Elaine.
Two Snake Venom's dutifully downed...


  1. I was confused for a minute there, thinking you'd gone chav-tastic and meant snakebite. Sigh of relief when I realised it was an ale :)
    Abby x

  2. Hi Abby
    And what an ale...I am trying a different one every day!!
    X Lesley

  3. Cor thanks for that ... looking forward to trying a Snake Venom or two myself (and porky scratchings for the dogs of course !) Elaine x

  4. Elaine
    The beers at this pub seem to change daily and they are all lovely..


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