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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fenders and buttons and bows

We have been fortunate enough to know someone, who knows someone, who knows a real character from the cut,  a certain Joe Hollingshead, a traditional fender maker.  We went up to Joe's home at Compton today to collect the buttons and tipcats he has made for Yarwood.  Two buttons, one for the bow covered with a bit of  rubber tyre, one for the stern that together with the two tipcats will protect the rudder.

Yarwood's buttons and tipcats all made of natural sisal

Joe comes from a long line of working boaters and in fact was born on a boat at Fradley Junction.  You can read about Joe's history here.
 Joe at work demonstrating fender making at the Black Country Living Museum.
Photograph courtesy of the BCM.

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