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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Another day at the coal face...

We had to make a second visit to Yarwood yesterday afternoon - things to deliver - and were able to take a few more photo's of the progress made throughout the day.

 The table cupboard door and crumb drawer are now in situ and just awaiting the fitting of the oval mirror that will be placed at the top of the door

 Dave Moore has finished the wood graining around the name panels.  This just needs to dry and cure then several coats of varnish will be applied to seal and protect it.

The Back Cabin lamps have been mounted - these are LED as are all the rest of light fixtures

 The tunnel lamp in place - not the greatest shot but you get the gist

There she is again and that great sheet of green painted steel behind the lamp is the opened deck hatch

 The little but perfectly formed Faversham boat stove in place in the back cabin

 The Faversham's stove pipe, formed and painted and drying

The black panels are fire boards to protect the cabin sides from the heat of the fire.  The stove pipe will cover most of this when it is fitted and a few ribbon plates might just find a home hereabouts...

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