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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Rose or three

Build day 125

I took Joe up to the Barnowl workshop this morning with his pack-up and overalls and warmed tins of blacking - the tins had sat by the fire overnight to try to achieve a viscosity suitable for a paintbrush rather than a trowel.  When we arrived Dave Moore was already at work adding roses to Yarwood's side doors and bed cupboard door.

The start of the rose decoration

 And stage two of the rose decoration

 Stage two again

And stage three, finished.

 The pigeon box - Terry is fitting the pigeon box ports and glass

 Pigeon box on situ above the engine 'ole and adorned with it's three bell territ

 Dave Moore roses on the bed 'ole cupboard

 and again..

 Yarwood's registration number painted on

The Club on the back slide

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