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Friday, 7 September 2012

To Godmanchester

After two days at St. Ives on the GOBA moorings on Noble Meadow we pulled pins and headed back into town to replenish the water supplies.  We were off to Hemmingford grey for a night before moving on to Godmanchester for the weekend.
Nosing in to The Waits at St. Ives and the water tap..
As soon as we had filled the water tank we reversed out and headed up stream towards Hemmingford Grey.

 Moored on the Goba moorings at Hemmingford Grey
 We had lunch in the Axe & Compass at Hemmingford Abbotts

Thatchers signature....a salmon.  The village has numerous thatched cottages/houses and they have various 'signatures'.. cats and pheasants being the norm.
This morning we said goodbye to the Hemmingford's and set out for Godmanchester.
 Houghton lock
 Weed cutting
Moored at Godmanchester

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  1. Hi All. Enjoyed this part of the system when we were there a few years back.
    Haven't forgotten your 'list' and will get a round tuit. Have only got back onto Snail a few days ago so now busy getting her ready for lift out and return on the 20th.


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