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Monday, 16 January 2012

Carpet and Cushion-floor

Build day 123
This morning the carpet layers' arrived to lay the carpet tiles in Yarwood's saloon and the cushion floor in galley and shower-room.  Where many boaters opt to put beautiful wood flooring throughout we have opted for what works for us...and dogs.  The carpet tiles are tough as proverbial old boots but they provide a quiet - think eight paws with claws - and warm surface to walk on.  The vinyl cushion floor is also warm and quiet and conveniently easy to keep clean and hygienic. 

 Me, carpet tiles and......WOODY! 
This is Richard's new family member, Woody Hubery a 10 week old Jack Russell.  A perfect boat sized dog that probably would not be missed by the Hubery's if he was somehow dog napped......

 The curtains have turned up and been hung

 Sorry, this is a bit messy but note ....new shower room mirror

 Cushion floor in galley

 More cushion floor in galley
Wall lights with their new LED's -
 and Woody back in his box


  1. another beautiful boat - can't wait to see it. Good luck with the launch, we'll be thinking of you. xx

  2. Hi Lesley and Joe, you must be so excited! Yarwood looks amazing, we hope you will both enjoy many happy years aboard cruising. x

  3. One word..(maybe 2)
    Blooming gorgeous !!!!

  4. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!!
    Roll on Saturday and the launch...

  5. Hi Lesley,
    Have been following your boat building and it's looking fabulous! I noticed something in one of today's photos that caught my attention. I saw a boat when we were in the UK just over a year ago and it had rounded "steps" at the end of the galley units and beneath the side hatches. They weren't really intended for going in and out (although could be in an emergency), they had cushions on them for sitting on. I loved the idea. Am I right that you have steps on both sides in your galley?
    Elly http://ellyandmick.blogspot.com/

  6. Hi Elly
    The steps/stairs you spotted on Yarwood are for the main access. We have a set each side of the boat at the end of the galley and each step is also a storage drawer. We intend to use the side hatches as the primary means of getting on and off the boat. I don't doubt that they will also be used to sit on though.


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