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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A mans work is never done..

In between cruising, locking, socialising, sunshine and thunderstorms Joe has been busy catching up with boaty jobs.   First job ahead of the rain the other day was to wash Yarwood's starboard side and get the wax and buffer out to try and polish out a scratch we got coming up the R. Nene in March.  The result after all his hard work is very pleasing, the scratch is barely noticeable now and at least one side of the boat is looking loved...and shiny.

 Putting his back into it

Brass bulls eye being refitted to the cabin top.
This morning Joe refitted all the brass that we had removed to clean and lacquer.

 And while I walked the dogs himself set to  give the tug deck another coat of raddle paint
 This evening he put on a second coat and removed the masking
And now the boarding plank has been returned to raddle as well.  He painted this green a few weeks ago but obviously it was to his liking..
As I sit and post this I can hear him busily scraping something outside the boat, now what is he up to?


  1. Hi Lesley,

    What make of raddle red paint do you use?



    1. Hi Nev
      The latest lot of raddle was by Craftmaster but previously he has used Rapid Paints. Joe says to tell you that the Rapid paint was thicker but whether that is significant re wear time will tell.



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