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Saturday 27 July 2013

Harborough stay

We have stayed in the Union Basin at Market Harborough for the last two nights, plugged in to shore power AND water.   I spoke yesterday to Caroline, one half of the husband and wife team that manage the basin and the hire fleet here, and asked if they would consent to Yarwood having a Tesco delivery here; no problem, so we are awaiting our delivery this morning, getting ALL the laundry up to date and then we will be off.

 Reflections of the very sympathetic 90's development in the basin
 Going continental and just sitting beside the wharf enjoying a beer and a dish of olives.
I was a bit concerned that a bar/restaurant in the basin would bring with it noise and drink fuelled idiots but I found that I managed to keep myself in check, didn't get too drink fuelled and hid the idiocy rather well...  Seriously, no disturbance at all and a requirement to clear the outside tables by 10.30pm because essentially this is a residential area.

The cupboard was bare when we came into Union Basin, the plan being to stock up with food when we were here but we have been lazy and taken advantage on being close to a town.  Thursday evening we wandering into town and had a curry and last night we again walked in but this time for an pizza (Joe) and a salad (me). 
During the day we had both independently gone walk-about .  Joe found a barbers and was shawn and I found the Joules shop and bought things!   I also found Frank Gilbert's wonderful emporium see below..

 And the inside is just as crammed and just as enticing...wonderful shop!
 The grammar school as was, and a signature of the town right in the heart next to the church of St. Dionysus's
St Dionysus's church tower and spire


  1. Frank Gilberts is an amazing shop, we always pay it a visit when we are in MH. The basin looks extremely quiet for the time of year?

    1. I said to the lady serving that the shop was wonderful and a credit to them. I just loved it and will visit again, and again, and again!
      The basin was busy with hire boats going out and the likes of us mooring up for a couple of nights. We have booked to go back on the 3rd August when we have friends staying on Yarwood.

  2. We love MH - and Frank Gilberts is great! I could spend a fortune each time I go in.

  3. Agreed, a fascinating store, loved it.


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