Monday, 22 July 2013

Braunston to Yelvertoft

On Saturday morning sharpish we left Braunston in the company of Nb. What a Lark, steered on this occasion by David and Amanda, who are good friends with David and Lisa, the owners of this lovely boat.
This was the first time since meeting David and Amanda in 2009 that we were actually boating together so we were looking forward to this bit of time together.  The six double locks at Braunston were a good start with Amanda and I operating the locks and Joe and David sitting on the back of the respective boats gassing to each other.

 Bottom lock Braunston
 Admiral Nelson, scene of the previous night's feasting
 David, the happy helmsman (steerer)

 What a Lark emerges from Braunston tunnel
The dogs and I walked over the tunnel in the company of Amanda, and her weekend guest Rachel, with  the two ladies getting on their boat after the tunnel and the mutts and I continuing to Watford locks.
We turned left at Norton Junction on to the Leicester Arm of the Grand Union canal.  We have not been this way since December 2008 when we first ventured out on our previous boat, Caxton on our maiden cruise with Nb. Matilda Rose.  
Arriving at Watford locks we had about an hour's wait while the lockie worked a stream of boats down the staircase, a perfect opportunity for a cuppa and a sandwich.   The dogs had to go back on the boat because there is a rule that dogs must be held on leads and I couldn't operate locks and hold dogs.  Apparently a dog was drowned here because it got in the side pounds that feed the locks and then was sucked into the culvert when someone opened a ground paddle. A prohibition that  is quite understandable therefore.
The steerer's view of the staircase 

 Putting the world to rights
We got as far as Yelvertoft and moored overnight near bridge 18 and the marina with What a Lark moving through to bridge 20.
The next day Foxton  maybe? 

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