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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Tesco delivers and we leave MH

Mr Tesco turned up yesterday a bit delayed, but we had been texted to inform us of the hold up and then a bit lost, I had give him final directions to Union Wharf, but he made it and we proceeded to unload the provisions and hand-ball them over the railings to the boat. 
Hasn't life got a lot more convenient for boaters since the advent of the Internet? Banking, shopping,d deliveries, bus and train times, travel tickets, contact with family and friends all made so much easier now days.
 Mr Tesco arrives
 The dogs guarding the groceries wine
As soon as we had the food loaded and put away we said a farewells and slipped out of the basin.  Water, refuse and cassettes had all been taken care of before the food delivery so there was no delay.

 Another glorious sunny day and we were not going far - all of a mile, before mooring up and setting the TV for the F1 qualifying later that afternoon.  I took the dogs off for a walk across country to the village of Lubenham and by the time we got back the humidity had gone through the roof, a sure sign that the weather was about to break and break it did!  The sky darkened, the thunder rolled in and the heavens opened.  I loved watching the rain bounce up from the surface of the water and beat on the cabin top but I felt aggrieved for the poor ponies tethered on land across the cut and unable to move to seek any shelter at all.

 Moored up

 Up and on the move by 8.30 this morning we are only heading as far as Foxton, some three/four miles away but as it happened I spotted a likely mooring with gap in the hedge for TV signal just short of Foxton village and here we have moored.

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