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Monday, 1 July 2013

The things you see

Each time I have tramped up into the village of Kirtlington I have stopped to pass the time of day with this chap.  He is always in exactly the same spot in his paddock, watching the world go by  and with no companionship he seems pleased to be babbled to and scratched by the likes of me.

 He was very amused by my joke
 Spotted in the adjoining field, a sight rarely seen these days, hand milking a cow


  1. Ok. So how much did you pay that horse to be amused by your joke?
    A ten polo bribe was it?

  2. Nice summer images Lesley. The stuff we get to see... While other people whizz round in their cars at maximum speed, seeing nothing.
    I laugh every time we go under a road bridge. :)

    1. You a re right Ken, I would swop this life in a hurry, how lucky are we??


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