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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Destination Market Harborough

Yarwood approaching Debdale Wharf
We left our mooring this morning at about 10.30 and headed south towards Debdale Wharf where we topped up our Gerry cans with diesel (86.85p per litre), emptied the cassettes and continued on towards Foxton.  We were going to stop for water but all the moorings with access to water were occupied so we carried on through the two swing bridges on the Market Harborough Arm, destination Union Basin Market Harborough.

 The sun has got his hat on again and the canal is looking rather splendid don't you think

 Foxton swing bridge
 Fungi on an oak
 The waters of the MH arm are very clear and edged with water lilies, meadow sweet and rosebay willow herb and the butterflies are busy, busy, busy.  What a lovely walk today, all eight and half miles!

 Union Basin Market Harborough
 Joe winding Yarwood using the prevailing breeze and me as an anchor point...it looked very convincing and competent I might add.  I am going to hire myself as a professional 'anchor point'..
Moored up, £10 fee paid, shore power connected and a visit to a restaurant planned.

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