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Thursday 25 July 2013

Going down....75feet

At 10.30am on Tuesday I got a text message from friend and stalker Amanda to say that they were at the bottom of the Foxton flight of locks and would REALLY, REALLY like to help us lock down... Looking out of the porthole I could see the rain bouncing off of the cut!!   She can't be serious can she, move in the rain, whatever next?   
By 11.30 the rain was not bouncing quite as high so we donned some wet gear and headed off towards Foxton summit to fill with water and descend the 75ft to the bottom.  As we arrived the rain stopped, hooray, and the sun came out, double hoorays all round.
Boats coming up the flight meant we waited about an hour but we all, we had been joined by the intrepid lock wheelers David and Amanda by now, we all, had a cuppa and a bit of Foxton Cafe fruitcake while we waited our turn.

 And we are off
 The flight was heaving with gongoozlers and we any number of little children 'pressed' into action helping to push open gates and wind paddles...chimney's next my lovelies!
 I think she is chatting up the Lockie here..

 David can't remember where he has put his windlass...
No, it is not in your pockets..
At the bottom of the flight we moored up behind Nb What a Lark and dragged David and Amanda into Bridge 61 to sample the ambiance and delights of a real boaters pub.  I am also pleased to report that Amanda is beginning to develop a discerning palette for real ale...She prefers Lion to Bridge 61 for instance so who knows, next year we could find she has joined CAMRA..
 The next thing was to press David into giving Yarwood a spin.
 Off he goes and apparently the experience was Ok David reporting that Yarwood kept a straight course and was quite responsive. 
 Yarwood has turned (winded) and What a Lark is about to and there is a bit of macho banter going on here.
 A farewell photo..
Next morning and it was time for David and Amanda to return Nb What a Lark to her berth and head back home to their working lives.

Until we see them again..take care


  1. Some lovely photos Lesley. Like you I am the picture taker so rarely appear in holiday snaps so really appreciate these! Truly enjoyed our time with you. Learnt a lot about hulls and what to look for. We will catch up with you soon...you have been warned!

  2. Needless to say...but I will say it anyway, loved the time we spent with you!


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