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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

We saw 'em off

After our 'marathon' on Sunday the conversation in bed on Monday morning went something like...

'Are we wanting to go down the locks today?
Would we rather stay put perhaps?'
What about David and Amanda?
We could walk down and lock What a Lark through
We could
Shall we do that then?
Yes, good idea
Settled then.
I'll let them know then.'

So, leaving Yarwood moored above the locks, Joe and I and dogs walked the mile or so to the top of the Foxton flight and waited for What a Lark at the water point.   There were only two boats there so as soon as one cleared to go down WaL moved onto the water-point and filled the tank.  Meanwhile, David booked in with the volunteer lock keeper, there were three working, and as soon as the tank was full we began the descent.

 Joe and Amanda worked the paddles and the off side gate while I held onto the dogs and operated the nearside gates all the way down
 What a Lark coming out of the first lock
 David avoiding the soaking, rear doors closed and feet up position
 We started the flight in cloudy chilly conditions but by the time we were half way down the sun had burnt off the cloud cover and things were heating up nicely; so nicely in fact that as What a Lark headed off towards Market Harborough we found ourselves heading into the boater's pub at the bottom off the flight, Bridge 61 and enjoying a pint of Bridge 61.

A pint of Bridge 61, very nice too..


  1. And the 'Incline Plain' beer is pretty good too! What a superb pub that is.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. Hi Kath
    We will give your recommendation a whirl. Our very first Christmas on Caxton was spent iced in by Bridge 61 and the atmosphere on Christmas morning, log fire burning and a bar crowded with as many dogs as humans was memorable; like you, we love it in this boaters pub.

  3. We used to live just off the Harbourough Arm and moored SIR GALAHAD at Debdale. Had BBQ at Bridge 61 for our village friends and took the boat down. Magic day. QISMA has yet to cruise those waters!

    1. I will be bringing back more memories for you because we will be in and out of Bridge 61 over the next few days as we hang around awaiting guests...I'll have a pint for you!


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