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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fourteen point eight!!

We have covered fourteen point eight miles keeping up with the holiday boater regime of the What a Lark crew...they are killing us, we are not used to these hours anymore!  We left Yelvertoft, me walking the dogs and Joe bringing the boat along.  The day was overcast but warm and it was a pleasant walk through beautiful countryside.  I got back aboard just before Husbands Bosworth Tunnel and I started to prepare food for the BBQ we were going to have with the What a Lark crew.

 Approach to the tunnel
 Trying out the new camera in the tunnel..as you do
 Filling the Genny tank with diesel at North Kilby Wharf
We pulled over at North Kilby Wharf and topped up the diesel tank that feeds the Genny before continuing on towards Foxton.  We got a call to say that David and Amanda had moored up between bri 55 and bri 56, about a mile short of the Foxton summit and it wasn't long before we found them and moored up behind.  The shears were soon being wielded and vegetation was falling by the wayside as David prepared an acre or so of towpath in which to set up the Barbie.  Chairs were soon arranged, tables found and food produced ready for communal feast.
 Joe and Amanda relaxing..
 Amanda, head in hands in SHAME as I photograph the washing on the cabin top of What a Lark...
what are the owners, Lisa and David going to make of this new stylish addition to their boat??

Nearly ready to light the BBQ, but first the champagne..
L-R Rachel, Ralph, David Joe and Amanda...dogs in the heart of things of course..

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  1. Oh the shame of it! That will be the last time we get permission to use the boat without the owners on board. I am so sorry Lisa!!


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