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Monday, 23 January 2012

My Kingdom for a crane...

Following on from our tales of yesterday and the launch that nearly never was...
After much hanging about the big new yellow crane turned up, (the driver having upset his wife's plans to come a rescue us), and manoeuvred into position.  The confident mobile crane team soon had Yarwood airborne again and gently lowered into the canal..
We had a launch, at last, but it was 4pm by now and we had started eights hours ago and the relief excitement was tempered by weariness. 
We took on diesel and then with Joe and Stuart at the stern and the rest of the group on the tug deck we took our first trip....200 yards in reverse on to our temporary mooring.

By now just to add to the frustrations...the battery in the camera had died so no photo's of the critical bit....
Nephew Jack videoed this though and hopefully he will find a way of sending me the recording so I can put it on the blog.

 Yarwood on her temp. mooring yesterday afternoon

Front hatch doors open showing the internal but weatherproof  'patio' window


  1. what a beautiful looking boat, glad you've got her into the water, we were away for the weekend but kept checking the blog to see any updates, what a cliff hanger! Caroline and Matin

  2. Everything comes to those who wait! Congratulations - I'm sure it is worth it.

  3. Thank goodness the launch happened eventually - be interested to know whether the chap who gave the all-clear when you booked the launch has managed to hang on to his job!!! Congratulations on a fab boat!!! xxx

  4. evelyn@rome5.plus.com23 January 2012 at 16:24

    Glad you finally made it. Looking good! Hope see you later in the week.
    Have the boys got the hang of it yet?


  5. Hi Leslie
    Congratulations on Yarwoods eventual launch, She looks absolutely stunning and Chris and I hope she gives you many years of pleasure.

    Hope to meet up on the cut some day

  6. Hurrah!

    What a shiny boat - she looks fab - can't wait to see how she moves through the water.

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  7. Looking good Lesley, have you moved on board yet?

  8. Hi Caroline and Martin
    We am incredibly pleased with Yarwood, she looks much better now she is in the water.
    Launch day was a bit protracted but at least it happened and that's what counts. Thanks for looking in on your weekend away I am honoured!

  9. Thanks Graham, I am sure Yarwood will be.

  10. Hi Pip and Rog
    Joe spoke yesterday to the chap that booked us in - as I said to the Wharf boys when they wanted his name, he DID get authority to do the booking. All is well, his job is secure.
    Thanks so much for taking the trouble to come out and see us and Yarwood it was treat to see you both!
    See you in the spring..

  11. Hi Evelyn
    The boys seem to have settled OK. Thye usual access/egress would be from the side hatches but th truncated pontoons here at Alvechurch means we are having to use the stern for the time being but the coal box step/steerer steps doesn't faze them at all..
    See you both later, I hope

  12. Hi Steve
    Thank you, we hope so too. I am sure our paths will cross one day on the cut, let's hope it is somewhere we can pass the time of day and not in a tunnel!!

  13. Hi Sue
    Yes, we are part of the 'shiny boat brigade' again...for a while. Hopefully we will get a chance in the spring/summer for you to try her out and see how she goes on the water!
    XX Lesley

  14. Hi Ian and Karen
    Yes, we are aboard we moved in on Sunday. All a bit chaotic as yet though..

  15. Congratulations on your new boat, looks smashing, looking forward to see her in the flesh (in the flesh?) on the cut.

    Wishing you many many years of happy cruising.

    Mo and V

  16. Hi Mo and V
    Thank you both. We are off to fenland when we can get free of the Lapworth closures, perhaps our paths will cross in the meantime...
    take care


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