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Wednesday 23 May 2012

All of a mile..

We had booked with Tina the lock keeper, a passage through Stanground lock for 09.30 Tuesday morning and got her agreement to moor overnight on the lock landing.  So on Monday morning Joe went off get some coal from a local coal merchant, just in case this cold weather continued, then took our car back to put into storage.
As soon as Joe got back we untied and headed up river to the service point on Peterborough embankment.  This 'amenity', provided by Peterborough City Council, is a bit the worse for wear and doesn't appear to have had the benefit of a clean for a number of years.  The elsan point is dire, the refuse point is not much better and the embankment by the water point is still covered in a layer glutinous smelly mud from the recent high water levels.  Such a shame because the moorings here are extensive and would make a great venue for an IWA festival.   Once serviced we headed off towards Stanground all of a mile away calling in at Peterborough Boat Centre (94p per litre) for diesel supplies.

 The sunker narrowboat still semi- attached to its mooring.  Apparently the owner is planning to recover this himself...
 Heading down stream where we will turn right just after passing through this bridge

 The new river Nene, route to Wisbech and Sutton Bridge and The Wash.  We were moored just along here ahead of the red narrowboat.
 Filling the generator/central heating tank with diesel at Peterborough Boat Centre

 Heading up towards Stanground

 Moored up on the lock landing at Stanground

Having seen so little of the yellow thing in the sky it was a pleasure to see a lovely sunset again

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