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Wednesday 2 May 2012

There's service

A couple of Environment Agency (EA) men have just been out to check the staunch and lock and US!  They have told us to expect to be marooned here at Alwalton lock for at least another week while the Nene is in flood.  Joe and Jill had a chat with them and explained that the only issue that is likely to affrect us will be shortage of fresh drinking water.  EA have just phoned back to say that they will get a fresh water supply sorted for us by the coming weekend...there's service for you!


  1. That's brilliant!

    I asked a Thames lockie who I should ring if ID got into trouble (the river might overtop the mooring posts soon) and he told me to get in touch with the emergency services because the EA would think it was too risky to help!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    1. Hi Sue
      I would suggest your first point of call would still be EA. If when have assessed the situation they call on the Emergency Services so be it.. EA are the responsible authority here surely??
      Fingers crossed here that all remains well with ID!
      X Lesley


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