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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Turn the other cheek by all means but..

Yesterday morning I was trawling through the boatie blogs when I came across a post by Paul and Elaine aboard the Manley Ferry aka Caxton  and it reminded me that only days before I reading a similar post by Graham aboard Nb. Armadillo.

Both posts relate to incidents that had occurred at a waterpoint in Macclesfield where a householder living near the waterpoint has an 'issue' with boaters.   The 'issue' it seems is engine running, engine running whilst boaters fill their water tanks.    There is a BW sign posted at the waterpoint stating no overnight mooring and no engine running which must be as a result of this chap's complaints but he also supplements this prohibition by filming boaters and haranguing them...nice.
Many people will 'turn the other cheek' when faced with a foul mouthed rant, many will respond in kind, some will avoid the waterpoint and any possibility of an incident, others will perhaps escalate the situation by offering a physical response. 
However, unless each and every occasion is reported to BW and the Police this man's unreasonable and unwarranted behaviour will not be checked.  Only his side of things will be heard and the 'authorities', whichever ones he happens to gripe to, will be urged to take action and that might mean closing the waterpoint...
So, turn the other cheek by all means but report him please.  


  1. If boats using a water point annoys you, how about not buying a house next to a water point. Is that too sensible? Is it not a bit like buying a house next to Heathrow and then moaning about the noise of the planes?
    Glad to see you're on the move again.
    Abby :)

  2. Hi Abby
    You might add to the list those that buy a house in the countryside and then gripe about the noise of chickens or church bells, or the smell of manure!
    X Lesley


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