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Thursday 24 May 2012

On the Middle Level

Tuesday morning we woke to blue skies and bright sunshine , summer had arrived!  At 09.30 two Environment Agency chaps turn up at Stanground lock - it being Tina's day off - and worked Yarwood down from Kings Dyke on to Whittlesey Dyke.  We kept Yarwood firmly in the centre of the lock following Joe's experience with NB. Matilda Rose the previous Wednesday when they had to flush water in to stop MR grounding at the side of the lock.

 Here we go, the top gates are closed and the Middle levels beckon..

 Whittlesey Dyke, skirting Stanground village

 One of the many statuesque chimney's that soar above the landscape on the approach to Whittlesey, here be the many brick fields of the London Brick Company.

 Approaching Whittlesey the channel narrows between high concrete walls for a short time, just the place for a sunken craft not to be...

 Joe concentrating on getting 66' of narrowboat through the narrow 90 degree corner as we come into the outskirts of Whittlesey

 Corner turned, Yarwood straightens and Joe receives the applause of the chap on the bridge..

 A beautiful tree lined stretch, so much more beautiful because the sun is shining

 Our destination, a mooring alongside the recreation ground, Ashline lock in the distance.


  1. Last time we went to Whittelesy there were three boats on the moorings and we moored on the lock landing below the lock.

  2. Hi Brian
    We shared the mooring with a selection of boats whilst there but hardly any movements really.


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