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Sunday 27 May 2012

I'm a goldfish..

The mooring here in Benwick is a super new mooring installed by the Parish Council to attract visitors to the village.  You would think that in attracting boaters there might be a commercial imperative, i.e,to use the shops and restaurants and pubs but it seems that there are no shops or restaurants and only one pub, The Five Alls. 
What does seem to be an attraction however is the mooring itself. 
Two benches have been placed on the mooring and this encourages locals to come and sit and stare into the windows of the boat that is but three feet away.  The children poke their heads in through the side hatch and mums and dads walk their little ones along the side of the boat explaining that people 'live in there'; it's like living in a gold fish bowl...


  1. Gloop, gloop, gloop. xxx

  2. Jeeez.. I am afraid that put a huge smile on my fact. Our narrowboats are such an intriguing item, they just can't help themselves.

    Some Japanese tourists came by NP one day and even cupped their hands on the windows to see in.

    I saw them coming and told Vic, who hid underneath the galley window. I watched out of sight of them (just), and as they got to the galley window and cupped their hands, he jumped up putting his thumbs on his temples, waving his fingures, poking his tongue out and with huge eyes made a blub blub noise to frighten anyone!

    I have never seen anyone jump back so far from a boat.. and there were four of them!


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