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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Benwick to Ramsey

We left Benwick yesterday morning having had a visit from the Nb Matilda Rose crew on Sunday.   Jill and I had sat in the sun while Joe and Graham watched the Monaco Grand Prix on board Yarwood after which we had a hastily prepared picnic utilising the bench seat you can see in the photo below.   Yes, this IS the very bench that Benwick residents use for a bit of comfortable gongoozeling...re my last post.

 Benwick mooring with fitted gongoozeling benches

Leaving Benwick

 We were heading for Ramsey and visit to Tesco's which is just by the Town Quay and a quick visit to Bill Fen Marina for diesel, water and a small gas bottle for the BBQ.

Mallards escaping the boat as we cruised along in glorious, glorious sunshine!

Entrance into Bill Fen Marina,through the flood gates that protect it

We have booked to go into Bill Fen Marina (BFM) for a week in early June to allow me to clear off to Essex and visit Mother but in the meantime we went in to  BFM to service Yarwood before reversing down High Lode to Ramsey for a Tesco shopping trip.  The turning point at the bottom of High Lode is too small to wind Yarwood so it was a case of reverse to Tesco or walk there and lug the shopping back...the reverse won.

Not so much moored, as abandoned, on Ramsey town 'quay'

Have gas, have sun...our first BBQ of the year.

Floyd enjoying the last rays of sunshine


  1. Hi Lel

    Love your wild life photo's.

    You should enter the Countryfile calendar competition.

    Hope to see you soon, maybe try one of Joes famous b-b-q's

    Love Val x

  2. Hi Valerie Ann
    Thank you but the photo's are only 'point and shoot'and I don't think that they would be good enough for the Countryfile competition.
    BBQ is booked for Saturday!
    XX Lel


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