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Tuesday 1 May 2012

The postman calls

On Sunday it rained
and it rained
and it rained!

With me dressed from head to toe in wet weather gear I took Floyd and Fletcher for a couple of hours circular walk ahead of our date with our mail and a Sunday lunch.  

Friends, Val and Alan ,were going to meet us at The Cuckoo in Alwalton village at 3pm for lunch and they were bringing our mail out to us.  Like most Continuous Cruisers we have to have a correspondence address and our friends provide that service for us, sending the mail to us using the Poste Restante service offered by Royal Mail or, when we are closer to hand, delivering said mail to the boat.

Cuckoo Inn Alwalton

V&A would have joined us aboard Yarwood but they would have needed wellies to tramp through the muddy flooded path from the village to our present mooring and as neither are rugged outdoor types and therefore don't possess wet suits, wellies or walking boots, the  local pub was the closest they could get.
We enjoyed a convivial lunch together before parting, us heading back to boat and dogs bearing parcels and letters and V&A taking away a bag or two of recyclable rubbish for their bin at home....
a fair exchange or what....

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