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Thursday 31 May 2012

Down in the potato patch

Having moored up today I left Himself to wash down the boat - last nights mooring in March under the trees left Yarwood with a sticky coating of sap - and I took the dogs for a short but much needed walk along a fenland drove.
Floyd switched quickly into hunting mode and took off after a hare but while the hare was giving him the slip I spotted what I thought was another hare....

And sure enough, it was...looking at me looking at him looking at me


  1. Lovely pic's, female hares dig a small 'scrape' in tilled earth,(this is called a 'form') and have their babies (leveritts)there, not sure but that may be the reason she held her ground and didn't run like her companion or possibly her mate?

    Beardy Chas
    (friend of G&J nb MR)

    1. Hi Chas
      You learn something everyday don't you? I used to see hares on a daily basis when I lived in Lincolnshire and I rather like them!


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