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Saturday 12 May 2012

What a little freedom...

What a little loving freedom can do...
With the river levels dropping and the stream diminishing, infact the River Nene is looking very benign hereabouts, Daisy Cat was released from the confines of Nb. Matilda Rose  for the first time since we arrived here two and a half weeks ago...

and Daisy being Daisy

did what Daisy does best

Kills mice..


  1. I hope that thing really was dead...
    No not Daisy, she's a poppet & a clever girl... that rodent she's carrying..... good for you Daisy.

  2. The mouse is now a meal

    1. Yuk......
      Hope you enjoyed the small meal.
      Seriously though,they are absolutely stunning piccies of Daisy.


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