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Monday 7 May 2012

Tales of the waterbank

Still moored here at Alwalton,  this will be our eleventh day here trapped by raising water and strong streams.   The river below the lock has dropped by 300mm but it is still high and we are due another lot of rain this week so we are not hopeful about being able to move on. 
The next point of call would be Peterborough town moorings and the services there but as of yesterday the Peterborough embankment was under water and the service point is sitting in a lake of flood water! 

The following two shots are from Joe's phone when he tried to get water yesterday...

 Flooded Peterborough embankment.  The brick 'boxes' in the centre of the pic are the fresh water and pump outs
Boat moored at Peterborough - access to the bank could be troublesome...

Both Yarwood and the Matilda Rose crews are well into water saving mode, short showers every third day and strip washes the rest of the time.   The water gauge on Yarwood is showing that we have a third of a tank of water left now.  A family from the village spoke to us yesterday and offered us access to their tap and a supply of fresh water; a really thoughtful and kind gesture don't you think?

However, as Joe and I still own a caravan and store it in Cambs, Joe went off yesterday to recover our Aqua-rolls.  In the afternoon,  aided by Graham, they visited the Caravan Club site at Ferry Meadows, a mere mile away.  Explaining our predicament to the campsite wardens and for a contribution to a charity box, they were able to fill the water containers and transport them bank to Alwalton by car.  Between the two boats we can now collect 130 litres of water  at a  time so we should manage quite well if the situation is prolonged.   
The next issue for ushowever is getting some laundry done so tomorrow we are off to find a launderette and have a jolly time watching washing go round and round and round...

   That be the river and the 'stream' beside it be the towpath!

Aqua dog walking
Joe delivering water supplies, bless him!


  1. Hi Both
    Sorry to hear of your predicament. Hope the weather improves for you soon. Don't want to worry you but our friends were stuck on the Nene for just over 3 weeks a couple of years ago. But like yourselves the locals were very kind and helpful.
    Still on the bright side the dogs look as though they are enjoying the water, typical Labs. Give them a hug from us as we are missing having a dog now that Carly has gone into training.
    All the best Bob and June

  2. Is the water level dropping on the path to the beer festival - priorities Maud xx Jill

  3. PS. Launderette hey? I thought it was called The Cuckoo Inn. Jill

  4. The boat you've pictured here, moored at Peterborough, is now on it's side - have a look at http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/local/nene-flood-water-tips-boat-over-on-to-its-side-1-3827613 I'm sure it's the same boat. Sue NB Beefur


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